A year with the words…

October 2, 2010

Hello world,

Tomorrow I begin the exciting and I’m sure arduous process of reading the Bible in a year. This is mostly because I think I should know what it says, all of it, not just the gospels and the nice bits of the Hebrew Scripture, not just the ‘God is Love’ bits, all of it. I’m hoping some of you will enjoy following this journey, but the blog is also for me. I hope it will help me to digest some of what I read, otherwise I can see myself somewhere down the line skimming 2 Kings whist a I stuff a piece of toast into my mouth and calling that ‘job done!’. I want to really read it and chew it over, not just look at the words.

So it may help to know where I’m coming from. Well, I have respect for all Christian traditions and came to faith in the more Evangelical Charismatic wing of the Church. Now I’m just about ready to say I’m an Anglican…though that could mean anything, which is partly why I like it! Importantly, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God (as it says in John 1) and came to show as God’s nature and heart and bring us into ever fuller freedom though the cross. Following this belief, I don’t believe that scripture has the same status (the Word of God), but rather like the term I heard one bishop use; the words of God.

God is still speaking and does so through scripture, however I’m not attached to the historicity of the Bible. I believe that it was written for people to understand their identity and relationship with God and still has relevance today, to me and to you. One of the major reasons I’m taking this journey is because I passionately believe that you don’t have to take things literally to have ‘biblical’ beliefs. But I want to be able to really engage with the proof-texting that surrounds so many theolgical discussions…when someone hits me with “but 1 Timothy 5 says…” I’ve usually got nothing…*

I love the Bible, so let’s get that straight from the start, I may have irreverent moments and moan all the way through Leviticus but I love it and it is central to my faith and life. I hope you will come with me to discover more of its richness.

Peace be with you.


*this is actually not the case in 1 Timothy 5, it’s about protecting the widow; don’t let anyone tell you it’s about men having to go out to work and women staying in the home!


One Response to “A year with the words…”

  1. Liz said

    Well I’m excited.

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