God Laughs… (Psalms 1-2)

October 14, 2010

Thursday is psalm day for me. Yay! You’ve gotta love the Psalms, well perhaps not the bits with “O God please kill all my enemies”…or maybe you like those bits too…each to their own…

But really, the Psalms are holistically cool. Joy, sadness, anger, vengeance, fear, love – sometimes all in the same one. They’re so human and yet with a pinch of something more. God, obviously.

Today my favourite line in these two amazing psalms is “He who sits in the heavens laughs…” (psalm 2:4). God laughs! I love that. I have always imagined Jesus and a pretty funny guy, and here we have proof that he’s a chip off the old block. Now 2:4b tells us the laughter is with “derision” for the plans of rulers and nations, not a trait I’m so thrilled to see in the One I worship, but when I think about it reminds me of that great phrase “wanna make God laugh? tell Him your plans!” I like to think there is an amused undercurrent whenever I tell people of my 10/15 year plan for life (I have one, sad I know). He’s up there like, “yeah, that sounds great…tehehehe”.

So God laughs; it’s here in the psalms! God is not just Big Judge Man in psalm 1 who sort wicked from righteous. He is also up for a bit of humour… Now, biblical scholars may call this a shoddy analysis, proof-texting no less. But I like it, it comforts and uplifts me. To think that when God looks down on my mistakes and plans (for the sake of a nice metaphor, let’s with the whole “man on a cloud” model of God) He’s not just tutting while an angel with a clipboard adds to the ever-elongating list of my wicked ways. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes he giggles too.


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