A brief interruption to your service.

November 5, 2010

I am off on retreat this evening for a couple of days and I have no idea whether there will be internet access so you may have to survive without my blogging panache for a couple of days. Shock horror.

I haven’t yet read Isaiah 18-22 so I thought I’d just briefly reflect on my experience so far…

Reading this book is hard! There is an impulse to make it into a purely intellectual exercise and lose the devotional element. There is another impulse to ignore all the smiting and murder in this book, to pick the verse that I like, that fit with who I want God to be. There is yet another impulse to snuggle up and watch tv rather than grapple with ancient prophecies. But I want to do it, I want to know what the Bible says, all of it, not just the bits that whatever church I’m going to at this time happens to pick out.

Having said that, doing this also helps to me to realise why scripture is read in community; it’s hard to grapple with on our own. I’m glad I’ve chosen to write a blog with it too, it makes it feel more like a conversation than a lonely pursuit. I really appreciate all comments, so keep them coming.

Finally, it’s good to apply myself to something, to make a commitment to do something like this everyday is a big thing. I get tired pretty easily and this is the kind of thing I usually give up on. But not this time. I want to see this through…even though I pretty much know how it ends 🙂 

Hold me to that!


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